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WINPL 2019

We attended the 2019 Women In Nonprofit Leadership Conference and collected some interviews with attendees, sponsors, and panelists.

Martha Sharkey from TODAY is a Good Day

Martha Sharkey is the Founder and CEO of TODAY is a Good Day. Their mission is to provide personal, spiritual, and financial support to families of premature babies during their time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

For Martha and her husband, Paul, this is a very personal mission. In July 2010, they learned that their journey to starting a family had begun. Shortly thereafter, they learned they were expecting twins! Unfortunately, their journey took a dark turn when Martha delivered Mary Gladys and Claire Josephine on November 14th, 2010, a full 16 weeks premature.

Unfortunately, Mary Gladys passed away on November 28th, at just 14 days old. However, Claire Josephine has survived and will be celebrating her 9th birthday this year! (On a side-note, our founder, Ryan Martin had the privilege of meeting Claire Josephine at another podcast interview and she is a wonderful little girl)

On their journey, Martha and Paul learned that while the neonatologists and other medical staff are amazing and knowledgeable, they need to take a clinical and therefore, somewhat removed approach. They realized that NICU parents need an extra layer of emotional support and this led to TODAY is a Good Day.

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