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Why a Podcast?

Learn how podcasts can help you tell your brand story.

Why a podcast?


What is a podcast?

Before we get into the why, let’s start with the what. It’s perfectly ok if you’ve never heard the term podcast before, about 30% of the US population over age 12 hasn’t.

A podcast is simply a way of communicating your message to an audience on their time, typically in an audio format. One reason podcasts are such a powerful medium is because it can be passively consumed.

There are podcasts spanning every possible topic, but the beauty of podcasting is the intimacy with which you and your listeners connect.


Podcasts for brands

Because of its innate intimacy, many brands and organizations are turning to podcasting as a vehicle to tell their brand story and better connect with their customers and audience.

Some branded podcasts include Slack’s Work in Progress, Casper’s Casper the Podcast, and GE’s GE Podcast Theater.

These podcasts are not a direct sell to their audience, but a way to provide value to their audience and organically increase their brand awareness.


The data

According to Edison Research, weekly podcast listenership has grown from 10% of the US population 12+ in 2015 to 22% in 2019. That is a compound annual growth rate of 21.79% and a total of 62 million Americans.

Some highlights from the slides below:

  • Podcast listeners report a high degree of concentration on the content while listening

  • Weekly listeners listen to an average of 7 podcasts per week.

  • Podcast engagement is approximately 2x higher than social media engagement

  • 54% of listeners report being more likely to consider a brand after hearing it advertised on a podcast (while this doesn’t directly apply to a branded podcast, it demonstrates a link between podcasts and brand awareness


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