20: Tyler Wiest

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Show Notes

  • Tyler Wiest is the co-founder and CEO of Ontray
    • Ontray is a food technology company which puts the power of delivery back in the hands of restaurant owners
    • Within minutes, restaurants can have a boilerplate ordering website
    • Ontray is much cheaper than most competitors - only 5% of sales with the option of pushing the cost to the customer in the form of a service fee
    • Tyler's co-founder is Jarvus Innovations, a local consulting firm/startup incubator
  • Tyler received his Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship from Boston University in 2013
  • He has always been entrepreneurial
    • He started his first business while still in high school, a website about fitness biking
    • He transitioned into PuppyHideout.com, an e-commerce platform for dog crates
  • He was a systems architect at Jarvus Innovations but wasn't satisfied with the client work aspect
    • Tyler didn't get to grow with the company and see how things developed
    • He mentioned this to the folks at Jarvus and they passed the Ontray project onto him
    • He and another developer had to build the whole system from scratch - a very tedious process
  • Ontray's growth has been very good the past few months
    • Tyler attributes it finding the right niche for the product
    • A new service they provide is giving delivery providers access to the network, setting up a white-label "GrubHub," in a sense
  • Ontray is also looking to provide data insights to their customers - instead of simply giving them raw data, they want to architect a system that can give them insights and deliverables from the data

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