19: Spencer Philips

This interview was conducted in the parlor during business hours, so there is ambient noise

Show Notes

  • Spencer Philips is the owner of Scoop Deville
  • He's had an unusual journey
    • Spencer graduated with his B.S in Political Science from Penn in 2008
    • He frequented Scoop Deville, which was on campus at the time and fell in love (pun intended, this is also where he took his now-wife on their first or second date)
    • After graduating, he moved to D.C for work and visited Scoop Deville every time he came home
    • When he moved back to Philadelphia, he always brought friends from out of town to the shop
    • One day, while raving about it to some friends, they asked why he wasn't in the ice cream business
    • He put together a pitch for then owner Matthew Shore
    • The two hit it off and formed a partnership, although Spencer is now full owner
  • Scoop Deville is unique for its flavor combinations
    • They buy their flavors from Bassetts Ice Cream
    • They have a curated menu of recommended combinations and toppings and also let you create your own
    • There is an almost drill-like machine that combines flavors
      • For example, Scoop Deville makes strawberry ice cream by taking vanilla ice cream and putting strawberries through the press - the ice cream would be pink and taste like strawberry, but wouldn't have any strawberry chunks in it
        • I had the PB Cookie Crunch
      • It starts as cookies and cream, gets mixed with Captain Crunch, peanut butter cookie-dough and real peanut butter, and it is amazing!
  • Almost all of Spencer's business education came on the job
    • He took a few courses at Penn
  • Spencer has real grit
    • Besides accounting, he did everything himself for the first 3.5 years
    • For the first 2.5 years, he was also working a full-time job
  • His first-year full time, the company saw 35% growth
  • He now has two other managers who assist with operations, sales, and marketing
  • Scoop Deville is opening a second location at the newly redesigned Bourse Food Hall across from Independence Mall
    • It will be a kiosk-style set up with communal seating
    • The new location will be opening in late June or early July 2018
  • Spencer says staffing has been his biggest issue
  • He also thinks he blew through too much capital for the first three years
  • Scoop Deville does great events
    • They partnered with a sorority at Penn to fundraise with chocolate covered strawberries on Valentine's Day
    • They also have a partnership with ChocAmo Cookie Cups - their founder was Episode 7!
      • Scoop Deville sells cookie cups in their parlor
      • They also have a cookie cup flight with 1) Ice Cream 2) Edible Cookie Dough 3) Hot Chocolate
        • They have also catered events for the Philadelphia Eagles video department

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