18: Jared Cannon

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Show Notes

  • Jared is the founder and CEO of simply good jars
    • simply good jars is a hyper-local, zero-waste, chef-curated meal delivery service
    • They create chef-curated meals which are delivered to offices in Center City
    • They source all ingredients from 25 local farms
    • The meals are stored in recyclable plastic jars and are guaranteed to be fresh for 5 days if properly stored
  • Jared has had a winding path:
    • He is originally from Delaware
    • Went to Culinary Institute of America, NYC
    • Went down to Florida International University, Miami to continue his hospitality management career
    • He finished his education at Fox School of Business with his Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    • He has worked in kitchens such as:
      • Iron Hill Brewery
      • Ritz Carlton Hotels
      • Honeygrow
      • Tria
      • And more
        • His connection to food started when he was a child, helping his grandmother cook
  • He's always had an entrepreneurial spirit
    • When he was 13, he wrote a full business plan for a video delivery service similar to Netflix and was approved for a loan at a local bank
    • His parents decided not to put up the collateral for the loan
    • But four years later, Netflix was created
  • As mentioned above, simply good jars is zero-waste
    • The jars are fully recyclable
    • They also use the milk-man model and come to pick up empty jars when dropping off new meals
    • For each jar picked up, they donate a meal to Philadbundance
  • The meals are very reasonably priced
    • Only $8.66 per meal
    • This translated to $26 per week
  • His time in restaurants and witnessing massive food waste influenced Jared
  • simply good jars has been in operation since November 2017
    • They are rapidly growing
    • Jared's team grew from himself a few weeks ago, to six people now
    • Before he hired his team, he did everything
      • Concept
      • Marketing
      • Website design
      • Pricing
      • And much, much more
  • For sustainability, Jared recommends being conscientious about the products you purchase
    • For example, some stores sell pre-cut oranges which are all in plastic containers, generating tons of waste
  • In May, they are piloting a vending machine style distribution system
    • Their pilot locations will be at the Benjamin's Desk coworking space near Washington Square, Ronald McDonald House, and an office in Berwyn
    • They will be in office buildings, airports, hospitals, etc
    • There will be a return slot as well to keep the zero-waste initiative

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