12: Morgan Berman

Morgan Berman

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Show Notes

  • Morgan is the founder and CEO of MilkCrate
    • MilkCrate is a software platform for nonprofits, corporations and other enterprises to track their impact
    • It uses gamification and behavioral economics to help people make better decisions
  • Morgan wants to make it clear that MilkCrate is not a sustainability app, it's a platform that tracks impact
    • For example, a corporation could utilize MilkCrate to track the effectiveness of an employee wellness program and reward the employees for achieving goals
    • It could also be used by a nonprofit to track how efficiently their aid is being utilized
    • MilkCrate is an extremely flexible platform
  • Morgan's shorthand is "it's a Fitbit for doing good."
  • MilkCrate's first incarnation was as Morgan's capstone for her Sustainable Design Master's at Philadelphia University
    • Morgan went to grad school to tie her beliefs and values together with her lifestyle choices, she originally wanted to design sustainable buildings
    • A professor told her that the environmental impact of a building is NOT most accurately calculated by the building itself, but rather the people inside of the building - this clearly stuck with her
  • MilkCrate has had many pivots
    • Morgan says it took her lots of time and learning to figure out how best to execute her raw idea
    • She received lots of user feedback, which helped the platform fully take shape
  • The first rollout of MilkCrate was a consumer end app
    • It was described as a "green" Yelp
    • It helped users connect with a plethora of local sustainable business
  • Morgan is Philly born and raised
    • She lived both in the city proper and the outskirts of the Philadelphia
  • The startup scene is what has kept her here
    • Five years ago she was unaware of the startup culture in Philadelphia, but stumbled upon it while looking to learn more while creating MilkCrate
    • Her first foray into the scene was through Code For Philly, a local chapter of Code For America
    • Code For America is a collective group of programmers using technology to improve their cities.
  • Morgan moved quickly into the scene and is beginning her term on Philly Startup Leaders board of directors
  • MilkCrate is constantly working on both building out their platform and adding more features, as well as client acquisition
    • Their major focus is building more channel partnerships with entities who work directly with the companies and nonprofits would be interested using in the MilkCrate platform
    • This strategy helps MilkCrate more efficiently acquire clients
    • MilkCrate is also looking to improve the User Experience (UX)
      • They never want to take more of their users' effort or time than they need
    • Soon, they hope to use predictive analytics to anticipate future user behavior
  • Morgan was one of 45 sustainability leaders invited to speak about climate change at the White House in 2015
  • Morgan is also an ambassador for the Sustainable Business Network (SBN)
    • Anyone looking to plug into Philadelphia's sustainability movement, particularly from a business approach, should start there
  • MilkCrate is a certified B-Corp
    • If you've listened to previous episodes of wealthADELPHIA, this may sound familiar
    • In Episode 4, I spoke with Micah Gold-Markel about his company Solar States' B-Corp certification
    • In Episode 9, I spoke with Bill Huggins, the Project Manager at Best for PHL, which offers a modified version of B-Labs quick impact assessment.
      • In addition to Best for PHL, Bill works at Strategy Arts, a strategic consulting firm, also B-Corp certified
    • B-Lab operates internationally, but is headquartered in Berwyn, PA
    • Morgan also mentioned Impact PHL, you may remember this because Best for PHL (from Episode 9) is an Impact PHL initiative

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