10: Jessica Sarkisian

jessica sarkisian

Show Notes:

  • Jessica is the founder of Rezzio

  • Rezzio is a software platform for college students to define their personal brand and find their passion

    • It creates a roadmap for students to reach their full potential

    • It seeks to be a virtual student adviser

  • Jessica had the idea based on her own experience receiving untailored student advising

  • She wants to stress the importance of being uncomfortable — your comfort zone will kill you

    • Neither of us were very involved in college — just going to school and going home

  • Jessica likes running her own company because she gets to solve problems and map out the solutions

    • She even measures the severity of problems in how many sticky notes she has to use (kidding — kind of)

    • A current problem is figuring out how to help students identify their own skills

  • A lot of the work is in repetition — testing and retesting

  • Drexel’s urbane campus is one of the things that attracted her to the school

  • Jessica was undecided at first — she was unaware of entrepreneurship as a potential avenue

    • At one time she thought she wanted to work in social media / marketing

  • Her original idea was a video resume platform (originally, it was V-Rezzio)

    • It started in a Life Strategies class when she had to make a video resume

    • She realized “it’s not the problem,” meaning that the problem students were facing wasn’t the platform for their resume

  • Rezzio’s next step is to start offering their service to charter schools on a nonprofit basis

  • Her biggest mistake with Rezzio has been “development taking too long,” meaning that Jessica has had trouble pivoting in some places.

  • She STRONGLY recommends against hiring a developer from a service like Upwork or Fiverr

  • She also suggests not cutting costs in the places that matter — in her case, software development

  • Jessica loves all of the sights to see in Philly

    • Some of her favorites are:

      • The Museum of Art

      • The Liberty Bell

  • Students of the Close School of Entrepreneurship get a degree in Entrepreneurship — not marketing or business


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Her final advice to other young entrepreneurs is: Keep pushing forward and keep being uncomfortable so that you’re ready when the next opportunity arises.