06: Bryan and Matt Quigley

NOTE: If you are listening with children, there is a mild expletive at 21:30 

Bryan and Matt Quigley


  • Bryan and Matt are the founders of Federal Distilling, the maker of Stateside Vodka

  • Their facility is at 1700 N. Hancock

  • What make Stateside Vodka so delicious:

    • Medical grade O2, which mellows out the nose

    • Cold filtration, which makes it viscous

    • Each batch is mixed with pharmaceutical grade minerals, giving it an electrolyte composition similar to Gatorade. (It hydrates you while you’re dehydrating)

    • It is 100% corn (Gluten Free)

  • Matt is an Econ Major and Bryan is a Finance / Spanish major — no prior chemical background

    • Matt went on every distillery tour he could to learn about the distillation process

    • Bryan fronted the money

    • They asked simple questions about the process in order to make the best product possible

  • The Stateside journey started unconventionally:

    • Matt was in California and Bryan was in Spain

    • Eventually, the two moved back to the Philadelphia area

    • Bryan asked Matt what he was going to do and Matt suggested making vodka.

  • Bryan and Matt’s first equipment went into their parents basement.

  • Their first still is an old beer keg dubbed “Old Ethel.”

  • Biggest Mistakes for Stateside:

    • Matt: Not fulling fleshing out the idea before searching for investors

    • Bryan: Not having enough office space for scaling

  • Philadelphia has changed a lot since they were younger

  • 10 years ago when Matt was graduating college, the bottom of No. Libs was just beginning to be improved

  • They selected their location by charting out the  path of gentrification and now there is a $500,000 home being built adjacent to them.

  • They have a fully functioning bar in the facility (see below for details)

  • Matt sees the economy continuing on its upward trajectory for another few years until a small correction occurs

  • Their growth has been phenomenal — in two years they have gone from just Bryan and Matt to over 30 employees

    • They are the fastest growing Pennsylvania produced craft liquor spirit on the market (377 stores in PA alone)

    • Also in New Jersey and Delaware

  • Their long term goal are to purchase jetpacks

  • Their strategy is to educate the bartenders where Stateside has accounts and let the knowledge trickle down

  • Bryan and Matt took some Stateside and started aging it in charred oak barrels for “Operation Holiday Bonus”

    • Quick spirits lesson: Bourbon must be at least 51% corn mash and aged in American Oak barrels

    • Because Stateside is 100% corn, aging it in oak turns it into bourbon.

    • This will ONLY be available in their distillery bar (bottles and individual pours)

    • There are 500 bottles available, first come, first serve

    • The proceeds will pay their staff holiday bonus

    • Will be released around December 20th, join their email list for updates!

  • Matt worked for Sky Cooper, the founder of Chambord spirits, for a year, learning about distillation

  • During that year, they met Clement Pappas, their first investor

    • Clement used to run Lassonde Pappas and Company

    • He loved the vodka, but told them their business plan wasn’t ready

    • After tweaking it for 9 more months, Clement was ready to invest and they launched together

  • Stateside Vodka is the official sponsor of the Green Legion, so during Eagles home games, find them on the turf field behind Xfinity!



Federal Distilling Bar Hours:

  • Thursday: 5pm - 10pm

  • Friday: 5pm - 10pm

  • Saturday: 12pm - 10pm

  • Sunday: 12pm - 5pm

  • Tours