05: Katie Everett

Katie Everett

  • Founder and CEO of My City Gives

  • Mother of 3

  • Career in Strategic Communication

  • From outside of Baltimore



  • My City Gives is a cause based marketing organization

  • Katy loves Philly’s unique grit

  • Her “Why” is that most of her clients “suck at telling their story,” because they’re so focused on impacting change

  • Katy and My City Gives work with clients to determine success stories from the organization and the best medium to convey them

  • She feels that local large corporations are less focused on checking a “corporate social responsibility” box off and are more focused on genuine community development

  • Katy believes Philadelphia is the center of national focus as a standard for other cities

  • We conducted our interview at the Pennovation Center, a coworking space

  • Katy’s biggest focus is on storytelling — facts and figures are important, but the story is the selling point

    • Katie’s asks each new client to tell her a success story from their products or services

  • Millennials and Gen Z don’t want to write a check to charities, they want to actively impact change

  • Other biggest mistake: competition over cooperation

    • Too often, young entrepreneurs don’t cooperate and lose opportunity because of it

    • Niche down

    • Relationships!

  • Millennial Impact Report is a great resource!

  • Katie loves the psychological aspect of marketing

  • Katie’s biggest mistake was another company she started before My City Gives that tanked

  • Katie is a big idea person — start with the big idea and work backwards to fill in the steps

  • My City Gives does a lot of food focused events

  • Member of a local chapter of Doers // Dreamers
  • Community for female entrepreneurs and founders to discuss

  • Intimate coffee shop meetups

  • Larger panel discussions

    • Katy feels like it’s her duty to share her knowledge

    • She wants to get more selective with her clients to maximize her impact