03b: Nathan Anderson

nathan anderson

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Nathan is the founder of Simply Fabulous Flowers, a floral design and event planning company in Philadelphia.


  • Growing up in Germantown was lovely. However as Nathan got a little older, he watched crack-cocaine and other drugs destroy his close knit community.

  • Snowfall” a TV show about the crack-cocaine epidemic in LA reminds Nathan of Germantown.

  • He feels that universities should reinvest in the whole community, not just their campus.

  • Nathan doesn’t like to focus on the negativity, he tries to keep moving forward.

  • Feels that the economic revitalization is inequitable.

  • Children need a nice place to learn and play and that is lacking in many of Philadelphia’s less affluent neighborhoods.

  • Lack of access to financial education has further disenfranchised less affluent Philadelphians.

  • Nathan sees the bodegas and corner stores that sell malt liquor as a major problem. There was a petition to keep one off of his corner when he was young, but it failed. This was around the time his neighborhood began declining.

  • He’s decorated his yard with flowers front to back, to make the neighborhood a little bit nicer.

  • Nathan will never forget will he came from. He could live somewhere else, but chooses not to.

  • His dream is to have enough money to landscape everyone in his neighborhood’s yard as a courtesy. He also wants to get local children involved so they can affect change.

  • The next step for Nathan and Simply Fabulous Flowers is LA. He wants to do flowers on TV.