03a: Nathan Anderson

Nathan Anderson

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Nathan is the founder of Simply Fabulous Flowers, a floral design and event planning company in Philadelphia.


  • Nathan was born in Germantown in 1973.

  • First started doing flowers professionally in the early 2000s at Twenty 21 2005 Market St. (then called Cutters — now closed)

  • Did the flowers for free, only requested to be the preferred vendor of the space.

  • Built his first Chuppah out of PVC pipe for a Jewish client.

  • Nathan dropped off flower arrangements to restaurants with a business card for free which was very successful for him. Some clients were actually just guests of the restaurant who took a card.

  • VALUE: Nathan has built relationships with clients for business that lasts years (Not what you know, who you know).

  • Nathan loves hotels and his passion for flowers started there.

  • It’s not just flowers, it is the whole design — the whole space.

  • Clients don’t buy flowers, they buy into Nathan.

  • VALUE: Turning it into a business is taking their vision then ask “What is your budget?”

  • “The venue is your canvas for the next 5 hours.”

  • Nathan likes to be the “guy.” Planning the entire event and selling them the food, wine, etc.

  • Need to control all the variables and check everything before the event, so that there is no gray area when it’s “go” time.

  • Biggest mistake is doing work for a family friend whom didn’t appreciate him.

  • Sometime the fulfilllment isn’t monetary, it’s when they walk into the venue and cry.

  • His grandmother always said “There is some money you just don’t need.”

  • Nathan’s process is to listen to the client’s vision and translate it into their budget.