The Numbers

  • Podcasting is growing. Monthly listeners have jumped 11% since 2014, going from 15% to 26% - that's an estimated 73 million monthly listeners.

  • 17%, or 48 million, are weekly podcast listeners.

  • Weekly listeners spend an average of 6 hours and 37 minutes per week listening to podcasts.

  • Podcast listeners tend to be educated and affluent. 27% have a 4 year degree (compared with 21% of the general population) and 51% make over $75,000 per year (compared to 38% of the general population)

  • According to NPR, 65% of NPR users prefer to buy products or services from NPR sponsors

  • 73% of NPR podcast listeners hold a more positive opinion of companies that support NPR

  • 20% of weekly listeners have been listening to podcasts for 5+ years

  • According to the IAB, podcast advertising revenue grew from $69 million in 2015 to $119 million in 2016 ( a 172% increase year over year) and projected $220 million for 2017 (the data for this year isn't available yet)

  • Branded Content experienced a large jump in "revenue by campaign type," going from 0% in 2015 to 2% in 2016.

  • Podcast listeners make it through 90% of the podcast and relatively few are skipping through ads.


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The takeaway

Listeners form intimate bonds with the shows and the creators they love. Listenership is steadily rising and showing no signs of slowing down. Although still a relatively small piece of the pie, "branded content" is becoming a revenue earning and supporting venture for a growing list of organizations.