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Luxe is with you from inception and content creation through sound-engineering and editing to create, host, distribute and market your podcast. Keep scrolling to see past work, the services Luxe provides, and why a podcast might be the right move for your organization! (Supported with data from industry leaders such as NPR, Midroll, and Edison Research)


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Luxe is partnering with a small group of local content creators.

Past work


the grit Studios

(formerly, The Grit Live) 

Luxe works with The Enterprise Center, (TEC) a nonprofit and Capital Development Corporation (CDC) in West Philadelphia providing minority entrepreneurs with the resources they need to succeed, like access to capital and business education. Out of a plan to modernize their educational programs, The Grit Studios was born, a podcasting network and media distribution hub. 

Luxe was brought on as a production consultancy to improve the and grow the network, while setting up operational best-practices. Luxe now manages the studio and all its operations.

The Grit Studios is currently producing two limited-series podcasts. Experience Counts, hosted by PC Nguyen, explores how local brands are creating unique experiences for their customers. The Black Women Talk Tech Podcast is a five part series of conversations between host, Chelsey Lowe, and members of the Black Women Talk Tech organizations, which provides resources and community to black women in IT.

We produce one weekly program (currently on hiatus), Zig Zag, a series of conversations between host Tiffany Spraggins-Payne and women in the STEM field. Feed the Beast, was a weekly food-business program that ran for 34 episodes. We also regularly film events.

Click here to view the press-kit Luxe created for The Grit Studios. 

Listen to episode 01 of Experience Counts with Saxbys founder, Nick Bayer.


Speaking at Temple University

Our founder, Ryan Martin, spoke to a group of high school students enrolled in Temple University's GEAR UP program. (Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs) The students were putting together their own podcasts detailing what they learned while speaking with professors about their careers and gaining job experience. He created a presentation for them about the podcasting industry, storytelling and recording fundamentals.  He also created short video about how to create a music-bed in Audacity, embedded here. View the full presentation.



Wealthadelphia was Ryan Martin’s first podcast, exploring Philadelphia entrepreneurial ecosystem by interviewing local small business owners.

He cancelled production after 26 episodes to found Luxe and bring others' visions to life. You can listen to episode 18 with Jared Cannon of Simply Good Jars right here. 

Ryan did not have a team working with him on Wealthadelphia — this is where learned how much work goes into not only creating, but marketing and distributing an awesome podcast. One of his biggest takeaways was that you need a team to take it to the next level. 

To see the full Wealthadelphia catalog, click here.



Why a podcast? 

First, what is a podcast? 

A podcast is simply a way of communicating your message to an audience on their time, or on-demand. 

Podcasting is an intimate medium, with listeners, often, literally carrying you in their ears. 

Podcasts provide an opportunity to speak directly to your audience and build lasting loyalty with your brand. They can help position you or your brand as an expert in your field.


As a brand-extension

Podcasting has the rare quality of being both highly intimate and scalable. As you'll see below in "The Numbers" tab, podcast listeners are notoriously loyal folks. They form ties with the shows, and more importantly, show creators

Across industries, brands are investing in podcasting. "Branded Content" spending increased from 0% of total podcast ad-spend in 2015 to 2% in 2016, according to research done by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). 

Some notable examples include Casper's "In your dreams with Chris Gethard," General Electric's "GE Podcast Theater," and Zip Recruiter's "Rise and Grind." 

Podcasting provides opportunity to speak directly to your customers and establish your brand as an expert in the marketplace in an organic, demonstrable way. 


The Numbers

  • Podcasting is growing. Monthly listeners have jumped 11% since 2014, going from 15% to 26% - that's an estimated 73 million monthly listeners.

  • 17%, or 48 million, are weekly podcast listeners.

  • Weekly listeners spend an average of 6 hours and 37 minutes per week listening to podcasts.

  • Podcast listeners tend to be educated and affluent. 27% have a 4 year degree (compared with 21% of the general population) and 51% make over $75,000 per year (compared to 38% of the general population)

  • According to NPR, 65% of NPR users prefer to buy products or services from NPR sponsors

  • 73% of NPR podcast listeners hold a more positive opinion of companies that support NPR

  • 20% of weekly listeners have been listening to podcasts for 5+ years

  • According to the IAB, podcast advertising revenue grew from $69 million in 2015 to $119 million in 2016 ( a 172% increase year over year) and projected $220 million for 2017 (the data for this year isn't available yet)

  • Branded Content experienced a large jump in "revenue by campaign type," going from 0% in 2015 to 2% in 2016.

  • Podcast listeners make it through 90% of the podcast and relatively few are skipping through ads.


View the full reports here: 





The takeaway

Listeners form intimate bonds with the shows and the creators they love. Listenership is steadily rising and showing no signs of slowing down. Although still a relatively small piece of the pie, "branded content" is becoming a revenue earning and supporting venture for a growing list of organizations.


Podcast for your Brand:

A small team will help you create an engaging extension for your brand that will let your customers engage with you in an intimate, yet scalable way. We work on equipment selection, strategy, content creation, marketing, design, hosting or host selection, and become your producers.** 

Corporate Communication Solutions:

A small team will work with you on creating and strengthening your internal corporate communications with a podcast. We work on equipment selection, strategy, content creation, operation, recording techniques, design and become your producers. ** 

Enterprise level podcasting comes in many forms such as: supplemental training material and better engaging your workforce. 

**What we mean by "producers":

We sound engineer each program including: 

  • Episode cutting

  • (Most) "Um" and "Ah" removal

  • EQ, Compression, Noise Reduction

  • ID3 Tagging

  • Mixing

  • Loudness Matching to industry standards

  • Exporting to high quality mp3 format

  • Publishing

  • Hosting via Spreaker (optional)

This typically includes 4 episodes per month, publishing on average, once per week and up to 60 minutes of RAW audio.



Consulting Session:

A call dedicated to your podcast. Any podcasting related subject such as: 

  • Choosing your Media host

  • Proper recording techniques

  • Equipment selection

  • Creative consulting

    • tone and theme

    • music selection

    • format

  • Interview sourcing

  • Marketing

  • Monetizing

  • And much more!

Before our conversation, I will ask you to send me relevant information about your show. I want to do research before our call to learn more about you and your venture so that I can prescribe personalized and tailored recommendations.

Sessions are $40 for a half hour and $80 for a full hour. 


Podcast Guest Coaching

I help you go into your podcast interviews confidently and deliver more powerful answers. As a podcast producer and sound-engineer, I listen to everything and know what goes into making a great conversation. 

  • Booking and pre-interview preparation

  • Preparing and delivering powerful answers

  • Reducing vocal tics like "um's" and "ah's"

  • Promoting your episode

  • Following up with the host

  • A 10 minute practice interview

Sessions are $80 and run for 1 hour. 




Due to the highly niche product offering, all  pricing is on a per client basis.

Don't see what you're looking for? We will work with you to create a custom package!

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