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Self Made Strategies

Luxe Podcast Production works with Self Made Strategies to consult both creatively and technically in addition to editing and polishing the program.

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The Self Made Strategies Podcast is a resource for learning high level entrepreneurial concepts and methods for success.

Host and creator Tony Lopes and a rotating cohost speak with entrepreneurs about their specialty. The topics range from marketing and branding, to networking and sales, and more.

You can listen to the podcast with the embedded player on this page!


Luxe works with Self Made Strategies to operate their content management system (CMS); edit, mix, and master many of the episodes; provide raw data and data evaluation; and provide notes to tighten and improve the podcast. Luxe is also partnering with Tony to work with College Possible, a national nonprofit with a Philadelphia chapter. College Possible helps high school students prepare for, afford, and succeed in college.