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Black Women Talk Tech

See how The Enterprise Center and Black Women Talk Tech came together to produce this 6 part podcast!

Black Women Talk Tech is a collective of black women tech founders who have a unique understanding of the challenges we face in the industry, but also of the advantages we can bring. We’re here to identify, support and encourage black women to build the next billion dollar business.

Host, Chelsey Lowe is the Associate Director of The Enterprise Center’s Construction Consortium Center and a member of Black Women Talk Tech pitched the idea of a podcast. Luxe was involved in the creative development, program engineering, marketing, as well as the mixing and mastering process.

You can listen to the podcast with the embedded Spreaker player on this page!

Here are samples of some marketing material Luxe made for the Black Women Talk Tech podcast. Luxe took their existing logo and style guides to craft this postcard and audiogram layout.