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Ryan Martin


I am the founder of Luxe Podcast Production. I moved to Philadelphia to be closer to Rowan University. After graduating Rowan University with my B.A. in Radio, Television, I worked in hospitality for two years without pursuing any media production. I started listening to podcasts in late 2016 and had the same thought that starts every entrepreneurial journey - "I could do that."

I learned of the Podcast Movement 2017 conference in Anaheim, California. I felt drawn to it, as if I had to go. I bought my ticket right away. It was my first professional conference, and it was an amazing experience. 

From there, I created Wealthadelphia, a podcast exploring Philadelphia's entrepreneurial eco-system. It lives on as part of my portfolio.

I didn't have a team with me on Wealthadelphia. I mixed the music; created my logo and website; managed my social media; sourced my own interviews, edited them, mixed, mastered, and uploaded them; created my own show notes and more! 

Some of my favorite podcasts are Radiolab from WNYC, The Control Group from How Stuff Works, and Twenty Thousand Hertz from DeFacto Sound. 

I'm currently working on a narrative fiction podcast that will be produced and sound designed by me. 

- Ryan Martin